Blog Rony Chiha
You don’t need a logo, you need a branding team

A brand is just a great logo, right? The Nike ‘swoosh’, the red Target ‘target’, the three-pointed Mercedes star, the McDonald’s ‘M’.

Blog Rony Chiha
How to tell your brand’s story on social media

The concept of brand storytelling is to create a connection with consumers through marketing, by linking personality and emotion with a brand.

Christmas Click to Conversion

The most wonderful time of the year, is in fact the most wonderful time of the year for Australian retailers- in store and online.

Blog Rony Chiha
Why you need a custom built website, not a template

If you’ve made that decision to create a website for your business, the very next question you’ll be answering is a simple choice: custom or template? Article by Rony Chiha

Blog Rony Chiha
How customer reviews help with your SEO

While allowing customer reviews on your website, social media platforms or blogs can often run the risk of potentially receiving unfavourable feedback. The benefits of SEO however, generally outweigh the risks involved.

Blog Taryn Watt
What is PR and how can it benefit your business?

Public relations, or PR as it is often abbreviated to, is a term thrown around quite often, yet what it actually means…