Google Chrome is Now Warning Non-HTTPS Website Owners

Google is now tackling non-encrypted websites, encouraging site visitors to transfer their HTTP websites to HTTPS (S for Secure).

Blog Emily Ng
Stars Spotted in The Luxe Collection by L

Recently seen on the red carpets of events of the season, trendy fashionistas across the country are loving The Luxe Collection by L.

Bingo Industries Announces Entry into the Victorian Market

This month heralds exciting news for our clients at Bingo Industries, who has announced entry into Melbourne across skip bin and commercial waste services, as well as strategically located recycling centres.

Blog Rony Chiha
Google’s Mobile-First Index: Is your Website Ready?

Google’s much anticipated “Mobile-First Index” is almost here and now is the time to get ready. It is going to revolutionize the way  your website ranks, through  a simple Google search.

Why Your Business Needs Organic Social Media

Since the beginning of [social media] time, we’ve seen many trends from shifting Facebook algorithms to “fake news”.

Blog Rony Chiha
You don’t need a logo, you need a branding team

A brand is just a great logo, right? The Nike ‘swoosh’, the red Target ‘target’, the three-pointed Mercedes star, the McDonald’s ‘M’.

Blog Rony Chiha
How to tell your brand’s story on social media

The concept of brand storytelling is to create a connection with consumers through marketing, by linking personality and emotion with a brand.