The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

Established in 2002, the CCCL is a one of a kind institution whose mission is to support all children with cancer, including their families, by giving them access to treatment, medicine, psychological services, education and more, at no cost for the families.

This centre’s incredible efforts strung the heart of our Managing Director, Rony Chiha, who set out to establish the FUTURE ME PROJECT; Adcreators’ advocacy program designed to assist these young cancer patients by uplifting their spirits regarding looking forward to their future aspirations. As a result, we have pledged 1% of all invoices from June-November 2021 to be donated to the Centre. In addition to our monetary contributions, Adcreators’ partnership with the CCCL is committed to being long-term.

We have made it our mission to fulfill the hopes and dreams of ten young cancer patients. To kickstart our ambitious intentions, we asked these brave young children to express their hopes and future aspirations in the form of a drawing—say hello to future doctors, architects, police officers, and more.

Inspired by their hopefulness, we created a collage of these drawings. This collage now occupies the wall of our Brainstorm Corner in the form of a mural—inspiring us daily to work harder towards making dreams come true, whether it be for our clients or these brave children.