E-CoCo, sustainable thinking for greener futures
Author: Rana Rahme

This month at COCO HQ, we focused on maximising our sustainable thinking. With a waste-free future at the forefront of our thinking and planning, we were ecstatic to have executed an event for Bingo Industries set to revolutionise the entire world of recycling.

So, how does an event agency work sustainably?

Firstly, we are paper-free—as with the evolution of many sustainable businesses—everything is online! We work closely with our vendors to ensure their practices, including their resources are all sustainable, whether it be recycled or recyclable material; whenever, wherever, we always prefer the greener option.

Our caterers use recycled consumables, our cleaners use chemical-free products to reduce toxins released, and our production company uses solar panels to ignite their creativity.

What do you do to help keep Australia waste-free? What are your sustainable practices?

About the Author

What Rana does best is understand how her team can translate the online interaction of customers into engaging with them in ways to make brands more meaningful (…and profitable!) – through words. From strategising to researching to writing and more, she is considered the Beyonce of the literary world/office and she and her team help bring our clients from JAY to Z.

Rana Rahme
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