What are the Advantages of Utilising Facebook Marketing for Your Company?
Author: Stephanie Pulwarty

Almost every business understands the value of social media and particularly, Facebook. Since its introduction to the world in 2004, Facebook has become an invaluable and sometimes, unwanted, influence in many people’s lives. Even people who swore off social media can’t help but join the social media platform. This has given Facebook unprecedented social, advertising and even, political power. What does this mean for marketers and businesses? It means that Facebook is a must-have for any business interested in remaining relevant.

While many businesses understand the importance of Facebook, they’re not sure exactly how and why Facebook has become and will continue to be valuable for the foreseeable future. This information is pertinent because it points to the specific data and advantages that you can expect from the platform, giving you confidence that social media is still relevant and worth investing in.

Still not sure if Facebook marketing is worth it? Have you heard that Facebook’s value is decreasing?

If your answer is yes to either of the above questions, then this article is for you. We’ll explore 4 reasons why Facebook is relevant and valuable for a wide variety of businesses. In today’s digital world, marketing on one social media platform is not enough, you need all the help you can get, especially from Facebook’s huge platform.

4 reasons why you should request Facebook marketing from your social media marketing agency

1 — Reach a wide audience

Facebook has a lot of users – over 2 billion of them.

It’s easy to see why they can reach a wide audience, however, the value of Facebook’s audience doesn’t just stop there. Facebook’s audience is not just large, it’s diverse and includes people from several different demographics. This makes it a relevant tool for almost every business, regardless of the demographics of their target audience.

Though Facebook attracts users from all generations, older demographic groups seem to be growing the fastest, pointing to the value of Facebook as one of the only platforms suitable for reaching the Baby Boomer Generation (1946-1964) and the Silent Generation (before 1945).

2 — Suitable for B2B and B2C

Most people know that Facebook is great for B2C advertising, but did you know that B2B business can also run successful Facebook campaigns?

According to Facebook Business, business decision-makers spend 74% more time than other people on the platform. Business decision-makers frequently engage people on Facebook, are two times more likely to be daily active users and are 1.9 times more likely to be active in the last 7 days.

This doesn’t only make a case for remarketing to their business on Facebook, but also to the individual. The business and the decision-maker are often the same people, so remarketing to them through the targeting of their employer name, job title, employment industry and more is another way to remain in their thought process.

3 — Competitor targeting

Facebook is very specific in what you can do with the audiences of other competitors. They allow you to pursue them by targeting the users who have indicated an interest in the brand, but not their fans.

While this is not the most accurate form of targeting as some users don’t regularly update their settings (they may lose interest in a brand, but remain interested), it can still be an effective tool. By accumulating interested audience members of several similar brands, you are likely to have a pool of users with similar interests who you can target without paying fees.

4 — Psychographic targeting

While demographics are valuable, they are not always reflective of a person’s interests. For example, not all Generation Z users are interested in sustainability or are vegan. A person’s interests depend on their life, how they live and what their experiences are. This is, admittedly, quite difficult to determine, however, Facebook can give you some valuable insight.

Facebook allows you to target more than job title and date of birth; you can target behaviours, life events and hobbies – factors that are more representative of what a person is interested in. This allows you to target with amazing precision and yield more accurate results for your marketing campaign.

Undoubtedly Facebook is still a highly valuable tool for marketing. At Adcreators, we harness the powers of Facebook to push our clients’ brands through to audiences. If you’re interested in Facebook advertising or another form of social media marketing, have a chat with Ava, our friendly assistant. To speak with a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 670 998.

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Stephanie Pulwarty
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