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A Lot of Love to Give
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Author : Emily Ng

When  we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of roses and romantic dinners. But from a business perspective, this season offers great promotional opportunities to not only sell products and services, but to sell a brand. With the holiday fast approaching, it is not too late to tell a quick love story.

Three Ways to Connect With Consumers this Valentine’s Day

Last Minute Offers

This weekend, create a last minute offer such as a discount or gift with purchase. This is effective for online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Through this type of promotional opportunity, you can leverage sales through increased leads, up-selling and staying ahead of the competition. Discounts and promotional items are always an incentive for consumers to choose what you’re selling, so why not utilise this chance to be a little more generous?

Content Marketing

Content marketing gives you, the business owner, the chance to attract an audience through giving them content that would actually appeal to them. It is not about making sales, but about sparking a conversation. A great example of doing so is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Through SEO, your online platform is given a refresher, covers unique and trending topics and engages a new audience, while maintaining an existing audience. This Valentines Day, centre your content marketing strategy around love and #ValentinesDay.

Take it to Social

Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, spreading the love on social media is another opportunity to leverage the hype around Valentine’s Day. Publishing content such as unique (and branded) graphically designed posts, captions and tweets, Live videos and InstaStories, allows businesses to jump on board with the trending themes.

We have seen some great ideas from brands, with 2017 being the most creative year yet:

Coles took to their Facebook page to ask their followers which was their favourite type of bouquet- Rose, Strawberry or Bacon (of course, we voted for Bacon).

This campaign gathered over 55,000 votes almost 2 million views.

L’oreal created a custom Snapchat filter, promoting their Infallible lipstick through users being able to apply the colour while take a selfie on Valentine’s Day only.

eHarmony utilised the popularity of video content for an interesting take on Valentine’s Day- How Kids See Valentine’s Day. Promoting the simplicity of love, this campaign was successful for the main reason that it was an unconventional twist and something new for the brand.

Holidays allow another avenue for your brand to explore and to demonstrate their creativity. If you haven’t already planned your Valentine’s Day campaign, it is not too late to. Be sure to pre-plan your next strategy in advance, or contact our team for your custom Marketing Plan.

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Emily NG

Emily is our fun loving, bubbly marketing co-ordinator who is always willing to lend a helping hand!

Having grown up within

Emily NG

Emily is our fun loving, bubbly marketing co-ordinator who is always willing to lend a helping hand!

Having grown up within