How a Branding Agency in Sydney Can Help You Refocus Your Business
Author: Lukas Boyer

For Australian businesses, 2020 was a tumultuous year. The COVID-19 pandemic threw the entire world into chaos, however, Australia also dealt with the bushfires early on in the year. These issues along with several other crises have put businesses in an unprecedented position and caused many to reassess their position in their respective industries. In this assessment, businesses have reevaluated their branding and questioned their current strategy. While this is certainly the right approach, many businesses found themselves unable to determine what was wrong and how to redirect their branding. So, what’s their solution? A branding agency.

What is a branding agency?

A branding agency is more than just creating effective marketing campaigns. A branding agency specialises in creating and launching brands as well as rebranding. It will plan, measure and manage a strategy for clients, including reevaluating it periodically to ensure that it maintains its effectiveness.

Part of a branding agency’s job is to help your business refocus. While it is certainly harder than it sounds, it’s not impossible nor an exercise in futility. Branding agencies like Adcreators are made up of specialists spanning multiple areas in marketing, making them the best choice for refocusing your strategy in 2021.

Why do you need to refocus for 2021?

Although the answer may be obvious (dropping sales), many people don’t understand why refocusing is a solution to business problems. To put it simply, the world and people change. With these changes, come different needs and perspectives. If you don’t reassess your current strategy to find out where you are going wrong, you’ll end up in a spiral of failure with no light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 was also an abnormal year with a pandemic that completely changed consumer behaviour. While things seem to be getting better in 2021, it certainly begs for a reevaluation as no one will be the same this year.

3 ways a branding agency will help your business to refocus

#1 Incorporate your evolution

Have you evolved without even knowing it? Believe it or not, this has happened to many businesses. Evolving your services and products to match what consumers need is not a bad thing, it shows that you are responding to your target market’s changing needs. However, your brand strategy must reflect this.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants saw an uptick in takeaway orders and adapted their operations accordingly. However, some did not include this in their advertising nor their branding strategy. While not a death sentence for your business, this does not help you to generate more sales. Adapting your entire brand is important for capitalising on your business’ evolution. In keeping with the example, a successful branding strategy transition would include takeaway menus, digital ads promoting the takeaway menu and a special web platform for takeaway orders.

#2 Rethinking your approach

Generally, businesses need to focus on concise, informative and timely communication with their customers. With almost every industry saturated, the noise of businesses becomes too cluttered for customers and they become easily distracted and disillusioned with different brands. Direct and brief but meaningful communication is what captures them.

Additionally, a human-centric and emotional approach makes customers pay attention to your brand. It makes them care about your brand and allows them to connect to your business more easily and on an emotional level.

#3 Becoming more visible

Brand visibility refers to how often customers see your brand. One of the biggest impactors of brand visibility is your website and social media platforms. Your website and social media platforms are your digital shopfronts and often, the first thing people see concerning your brand. This became especially true during the pandemic when physical research was not possible.

Instead of searching for a brand, prospective customers check their social media or find their website to get an idea of the business. This is often what gives the first impression and can either cost you a conversion or help you acquire a new customer. For this reason, it is one of the major reasons why determining whether your website reflects your brand and then adjusting it accordingly is important for brand strategising.

Adcreators will help you to realign your branding strategy with your customers’ needs, your evolution and what you think your brand identity should be. In 2021, it is pertinent that you maintain a relevant brand strategy to help your business maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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