Why Custom Website Development is Important for Customer Experience
Author: Subha BH

Custom website development is one of the many ways to enhance the online experience. Customer experiences are becoming increasingly important for businesses as industries become more and more saturated with options. Customer experiences create competitive advantages and reasons for a person to choose one business over another.

A number of different elements in a business can impact a customer’s experience with that company. Here are some examples:

  • In-store service
  • Quality of product or service
  • Customer service relating to product/service enquiries

A customer’s experience with a business online can be impacted and influenced by several factors, including:

  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook

    , TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn)

  • User interface software
  • Website
What’s the difference between a custom website design and a website template?

Though a website can impact a customer’s experience with the company, not all websites are created equally. Some websites are built using a website template, while others, such as those built by Adcreators, are custom developed.

The difference between a template website and a custom-built website is that a template, which is also used by many other businesses, is a pre-designed structure that’s used for the layout of your site. A custom website has a longer development cycle because it is completely personalised by the design and functionality according to the business’ needs, rather than being restricted by a template.

With regards to marketing and customer experience, this is an important distinction to make. The customisation offered by a company like Adcreators completely outshines any website built using a website template because it is able to directly target the business’ customer audience and add/customise features according to what would be most effective to their base.

The baseline is that a customer’s experience will be much more impressive on a custom-built website than one that used a template website.

Is customer experience really that important?


In a world where customers are spoiled for choice with similar products and services from different companies in every industry, any positive distinction or memorable quality you can add to your business will make a difference.

Let’s take a look at why a custom website is important for creating a distinct customer experience.

3 reasons why a custom website is important for creating a distinct customer experience

Opportunity for customer engagement

Talking to your customers is one of the best ways to help them feel connected to your business, to create loyalty and to keep them either in your physical business or browsing your digital website for a longer time. Customer engagement features add to a customer’s experience with your business and make it more personal, memorable and more likely that the customer will return.

The type of customer engagement needed for each business is usually dependent on the industry and can include: live chats, videos, quizzes, creative copy or recommended items (produced based on their behaviour on your site). These features are often not available in many template websites, however, they can be custom-built into your website by our web development team.

Unique and effective architecture

The architecture of a website refers to the structure that organises and delivers the content on your website. Again, site architecture is often dependent on the nature of your business and your brand personality.

The organisation of information is incredibly important for creating a seamless experience for a customer that leaves them feeling satisfied with the information they received, rather than frustrated. Site architecture isn’t just about plainly offering information, it’s about knowing how to organise the information in a way that is best suited to your customers. In collaboration with you, our web development company will organise information on your site so that it cleverly and effectively communicates the necessary content to your customers.

Better speed

Many template websites come with a lot of built-in functionality to target a large and diverse customer base. These extra features can become bloatware, useless software that uses excessive disk space and memory. While intended as helpful, it can cause a major drawback for customer experience: a lack of speed.

Speed is critical for keeping customers on your website and for ensuring that they do not have a frustrating experience. Our web development company will only develop the features you need, ensuring that speed is never a factor on your website.

We hope that we’ve convinced you of the importance of a custom website in enhancing a customer’s experience with your business. If you’d like more information on our website development services, then have a chat with Ava, our friendly assistant. To speak with a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 670 998.

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