A revolutionary product presented through an ultra-modern brand, by Adcreators

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Branding & Website

Adcreators was engaged by 20Perfit – all the way from Germany – to deliver a creative and digital solution when preparing to launch in the Australian market. With a product built through innovation and a service built to transform the health and fitness industry, it was only fitting that this was the first brief given to #teamAdcreators. 

Starting with the creative concept, the first part of our project was branding – how we were to present the brand online, offline, socially and digitally.

20 minute workouts equivalent to 4 hours’ training needed a brand that was sharp, shrewd and savvy. Hence, the outcome.

Our Creation - 20perfit
Our Creation - 20perfit
Our Creation - 20perfit
Our Creation - 20perfit
Our Creation - 20perfit
Our Creation - 20perfit

The brand was here to change the fitness game and do so with power. Upon the launch, our aim was to give end-users an insight into the brand and drive action after visiting the new website. In the early stages, the essential objectives were brand awareness and lead generation – followed by conversion, of course – so will these core goals in mind by our UX, UI, Creative and Content teams.


“We owe the awesome identity, successful launch and clever marketing to Adcreators. It was promising to find an Agency from abroad to meet our aim in the timeframe we had allocated, and we couldn’t have been better with the result.”

Chantal, General Manager
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