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Repurposing the online solution to match the brand’s evolution

Our Creation - HSN Construction
Branding & Website Design

With projects across Sydney’s hot spots and picturesque beachfronts, HSN Construction engaged the services of Adcreators to evaluate their current digital presence, and then perfect it. Working with the brand, we unanimously agreed on a look and feel that highlighted their professionalism while distinguishing their innovative points of difference. The only mandatory was to keep it simple, but significant.

Our creative direction was inspired by the brand’s portfolio – that is, output that was modern and experimental.

HSN Construction was doing new things, and so too were we. Experimenting with different types of design elements and user functionality, we worked in accordance with their brand guidelines to achieve the results we see today.

Our Creation - HSN Construction
Our Creation - HSN Construction

As a result, the brand relaunched the website upon the relaunch of new business facets. Having taken the somewhat outdated website to deliver a refreshingly new look and feel, it now presents itself for what it truly is – a state-of-the-art construction company with no compromise on quality and efficiency. The UX is simple and the end-user understands the HSN point of difference at once glance, complementing their other online and offline campaigns.


We wanted to partner with a provider who understood our request, we wanted a new way to showcase who we are, and what we do, we wanted to entrust the services of dedicated professionals… and this we did with Adcreators.

Ivette, Design & Development Manager
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