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Branding & Website Design

Lux Pod provides students and young professionals with short and long term accommodation solutions in Sydney’s south-east region. Providing “a new generation of living” through stylish spaces that are functional, well-equipped and comfortable, Adcreators became the partner of choice at the brand’s early inception.

Lux Pod, just as the name suggests, provides boutique accommodation with an added modern feel. It was our intention to create an identity that saw the brand’s vision be perfectly executed.

In bringing to life the brand and it’s essence from online to offline, the inspiration behind this identity is bold and chic, yet refined.

Complementing the brand’s enterprise software for residents and management, Lux Pod’s website is the first point of contact between brand and consumer, incentivising them to choose this living space. From graphic elements to its functionality, our approach which started from defining the UX, started with R&D from leading global providers. From the perspective of both potential tenants to real estate agents, the final outcome was one to be universally resonant and seamlessly experienced.


“Thank you to the team at Adcreators for their amazing work over the course of developing our brand. Would highly recommend their services – the team is very talented, easy to work with and offers great value.” 

Hadarel, Operations Manager
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