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Our Creation - Prominent Lawyers
Website Design

Daunting and complex – two adjectives commonly associated with the area of law.

In tackling this project, our aim was to counter this perception in a way that showed the care, compassion and empath employed by the Firm in handling clients’ cases with. How did we achieve this? Through a comforting design and easy-to-use platform, pushing for an enjoyable experience and confidence in the brand.

Kicking off the process by defining a comprehensive IA allowed our UX and Digital Design teams to collaborate, planning the most effective way in which site visitors will be encouraged to further explore the brand. This dictated the current outcome of a site built with quality and difference, with the end-user in mind.

The highly engaging platform has since become a place in which potential and repeat clients of the Firm come to engage with Prominent Lawyers. It is an essential asset to the brand, especially on a global scale. We see this performance, complementary to the brand’s marketing strategies, and recognise growing patterns of site visits, time spent on site and the number of new users it continues to appeal to.