Strata Edge

Digitising the strata management process through online solutions

Our Creation - Strata Edge
Website Design

Strata Edge sought the expertise of Adcreators to redefine their tailored and convenient service through a one-stop solution for customers. They envisioned a space where clients could access all the essentials without the “middle man” and we planned the online portal to allow that. It required research and compliance without compromise on quality, look and feel.

With a network of property owners, managers and councils, the UX and IA were prepared to cater to this diverse audience.

Focusing on the brand’s and industry’s flourishing future, the customer experience was the key feature. We focused on following the customer journey and adapted design to suit.

Our Creation - Strata Edge
Our Creation - Strata Edge

By creating a digitised solution, the brand offers a much more seamless customer experience, acting in response to today’s busy consumer demands. The solution has not only put Strata Edge at the forefront of the industry, but has set them apart from competitors. The online journey is, as a result of our R&D, simple and customer-centric, with anyone and everyone from government bodies to tenants, well accounted for.


Our solution saw Strata Edge bloom. By creating an online solution for the team and their clients, the customer service process has become more seamless, while business operations have become more efficient.

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