5 Mobile App Development Trends You’ll See in the Future

Mobile applications are the way of the future. As people become increasingly digital and mobile and steer away from using their laptops and computers, the need for mobile apps has increased. Mobile applications are an easy way to push the marketing of a business while also creating an enhanced user experience for the customer. The demand for mobile apps as well as their undeniable value has businesses clamouring to develop them and capture the attention of their customers.

How are businesses trying to capture the attention of customers through mobile applications?

The popularity of mobile apps isn’t enough for a business to ride on when it comes to creating value for customers. Almost every business has a mobile application, rendering the technology itself useless in trying to captivate a customer. 

Businesses and digital marketing agencies like Adcreators have resorted to hopping on mobile application trends to provide value to customers through mobile applications. Offering a fresh, new feature, never-before-seen technology or a promotion are just some of the methods they may implore.

Why is capturing the attention of customers through mobile applications important?

Mobile applications are often free (though a few require payment), so why do businesses care if a customer downloads it? Mobile applications are another form of digital marketing. As they are used on mobile phones and tablets, it’s more likely that you’ll capture a consumer’s attention than through email or on a website as they have to actively go into the website and their emails. With mobile applications, push notifications and its ease-of-use make it easy for the customer to consume. 

Here are a few of the benefits that can come out of this:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved perceived value
  • Customer communication
  • Higher chance of impulse buy

We mentioned before that businesses and marketing agencies incorporate trends into their mobile applications to capture their customers’ attention and to improve their satisfaction. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends for 2021 and the near future.

5 mobile application trends you’ll see in 2021 and the near future

1 – Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT refers to mobile applications that are integrated with everyday things. It may include your watch, home lighting system, television, security cameras and doorbell. There are many more possibilities for integration.

Companies that already utilise this technology have seen positive reviews from users. Expect this technology to grow in your mobile application and integrate a number of other aspects of your life, including healthcare, your car and even your entire city.

2 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are not new to most people. Siri and Alexa have already entered most people’s lives. However, believe it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning can evolve even more within mobile applications. The following features are what you can expect to see from mobile applications:

  • Object identification
  • Automated geophysical feature detection
  • Maintenance of apps (important for user experience) – learn the development process from previous data, detect problems, and fix them in real-time.

3 – Beacon technology

Beacon technology makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to receive signals (in beacon zones) and provide relevant notifications and guidance for the users. Though it is being utilised by some businesses, this technology has not entered mainstream mobile applications yet. It has enormous marketing potential, particularly for retail companies with products at different geographic distribution sites.

4 – Folding displays

Samsung and Huawei are beginning to use the folding display in their phones, pointing to the fact that companies and mobile app developers will soon have to figure out how to adjust their apps around new specifications. There will be a change in screen size specification, presenting a challenge for the future of mobile apps. If more phones (including Apple) decide to onboard this new type of display technology, it could change the face of apps forever.

5 – Geo-location

It’s fair to say that this trend is already incredibly common, however, its popularity will only increase in the future. Geo-location affords hyper-personalisation to users  and incredible value to marketers and businesses as it helps to get insight into user behaviour and location. You can expect to see the following from apps in the future:

  • More personalised recommendations 
  • Relevant suggestions

Mobile application development trends are key for capitalising on your consumer’s interest in their phone. If you’d like more information on our mobile application development services, then have a chat with Ava, our friendly assistant. To speak with a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 670 998.

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