Automating NSW Bus Authority training for easy registrations and certification
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increase in social media engagement
month-on-month applicant growth
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Intertrain was founded to simplify Bus and Coach Driver courses in line with NSW certification policies. Being the first platform of it’s kind to automate the application process and accredit applicants under NSW legislation, Adcreators was engaged to promote this through digital and social means. Together with our client, we spent extensive time in rigorous research and development that defined our content, creative direction and thought-invoked messaging, to help spread the word.

The Challenge

The challenge in this instance was that being the first of its kind and having planned for a strategic launch, there was no room for error. In alignment with government-led courses, this added pressure in ensuring and maintaining accurate and consistent messaging, that encouraged people to take action then and there.

The Approach

We kicked off our social media campaign through A/B testing, trialling different creatives and placements to determine the most effective way forward. In the launch of a brand new site, our search tactics also set out to assess audience search patterns, optimising the website experience and backlink strategy as efficiently as possible.


Early on in the campaign launch, we saw steady improvement in Intertrain’s campaigns, assessed by site visitors, course applicants and people taking action on the site. In addition, the brand experiences month-by-month increases in social media engagement, positioning them well ahead of the very few online competitors.

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