5 benefits of hiring an advertising agency for Sydney businesses
Author: Rana Rahme
5 benefits of hiring an advertising agency for Sydney businesses

In the Sydney CBD, businesses, regardless of the industry, have become extremely competitive. There are several different options in every sector, giving customers strong purchasing power and putting the pressure on businesses to promote their competitive advantages and unique selling points (USP). With competitive advantages, your customers must be aware of these to be attracted to your business and choose it over one of your competitors. Communicating this vital information along with promotional deals and other attractive features of your business is done through advertising. 

There are several methods of marketing your business effectively.  Your company can choose to freelance its marketing and advertising, build an in-house marketing team or hire an advertising agency. Each option has its benefits, but the optimal choice for any business, whether small, medium or large and regardless of industry, is an advertising agency.

5 benefits of hiring an advertising agency

  1. Bigger bang for your buck

An advertising agency offers more than just one service and one team. Advertising requires more than just a strategist. To properly execute an advertising campaign, strategists together with designers, copywriters and digital marketers are needed to present a comprehensive campaign that is effective in every element. 

If you were to hire each of these separately, even as freelancers, it would be much more expensive than simply hiring an agency. Additionally, you will have these services at your disposal for other business needs such as SEO on and off page content for your digital marketing or graphic designs for flyers in promotional campaigns.

  1. Let your employees focus on their strengths

In smaller businesses, marketing and advertising are done in-house to save on costs. While it certainly is a cost-effective option, you end up with a team that is not skilled in marketing or up-to-date on advertising trends. This leads to ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns that don’t meet targets or produce benefits for your company. 

In addition to not having a team that is specialised in marketing, you also end up with employees spending their time and efforts on ineffective campaigns instead of what they were initially hired to do. For your business, this harms two sides: your marketing, and the services offered by employees on your ‘marketing’ team. Using an advertising agency avoids this as it employs people who are skilled in marketing and allows your employees to return to their respective specialisations.

  1. Benefit from more current advertising strategies

Part of the brilliance of marketing and advertising is keeping abreast of current trends. For employees, this can be difficult to do while juggling the demands of their actual jobs. With an advertising agency, keeping updated with marketing trends and current events that may impact campaigns is part of their jobs. What do we mean by marketing trends? The Google algorithm, SEO keywords and platform updates are all important for ensuring that marketing (specifically, digital marketing) achieves the business’ desired outcomes. With current advertising strategies, your campaigns will be more effective, and your business, more successful.

  1. Achieve your targets

Achieving the targets set out with your advertising agency is what determines if your strategy is effective or not. An advertising agency will collect data for you, analyse it and provide detailed reports that show your spending and results across different plans. In addition to helping you determine whether or not you are meeting your targets, it also puts your overall strategy into perspective and allows you and the agency to determine where needs improvement, additional effort or more money.

  1. Adapt strategy according to your needs and the world

Like any business, your company will grow, evolve and expand. With this growth, comes different needs, more issues and more complex obstacles. Your advertising and marketing strategy should grow with your business and be moulded according to developments within the world. An agency will spend the time and energy to perfect and adapt your advertising strategy across different platforms, ensuring that your business’ evolving needs and the world’s trends are factored in.

At Adcreators, we adjusted the marketing strategy of every client to accommodate for the COVID-19 pandemic. However, changes in the world do not have to be as drastic as that or as unpredictable. For example, Christmas is a predictable annual event/season that must be accommodated for in a business’ advertising strategies.

If you’d like more information on our advertising services, have a chat with Ava, our friendly assistant. To speak with a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 670 998.

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