Experience can’t be taught: 5 valuable lessons for interns
Author: Marina Semaan

Adventures in new territories can be scary, but nothing can substitute experience.

Learning through experience is invaluable, and while theory provides solid background knowledge, practical training can be the best form of preparation for ‘the real world’.

Here are 5 valuable lessons for students considering a career in marketing:

1. Practicing what is preached

Gaining hands-on experience allows students to apply theory, and see learning models come to life. In the ever-evolving world of marketing, no two days are the same, no two programs are the same, no two social media platforms are the same, and no two clients are the same… nothing requires a uniform approach. Understanding this through real-life experiences shows students the importance of adapting, quick thinking, proactivity and reactivity. While classic marketing models like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Porter’s 5 Forces are still relevant, how they are applied, especially in a digital age, is discretionary.

Adcreators’ Internship Program takes students on a journey of learning, assigning responsibility to a mix of accounts, teaching future marketers how to think quick, stay focused and be perceptive.

2. Establishing a network of professionals

Networking is about planting relationships. Agencies are a diverse mix – from creatives to tech-heads – and attract a diverse group of brands across industries. Between launch events, coffee catch-ups and conferences, it is inevitable that interns will have the opportunity to meet new people, establishing acquaintances for now and later.

Taking part in an internship program offers the advantage of expediting the build-up of a professional network that can be very beneficial. It is another stepping stone, and while students may not feel the need to start fostering business relationships early on in their career, they will see the benefits flourish sooner or later.

3. Inspiration and creativity

You will see memes come to life.

There are many stereotypes surrounding agency life, and you will come to learn that more often than not, there is an element of truth. Nevertheless, agencies are a place of free thinking, embracing creativity in all shapes and forms.

With a group of experts across many departments, ideas bounce off of each other innovatively, strategically… and unexpectedly.
As interns at our agency, you will be exposed to brainstorming sessions and group huddles where the sky’s the limit. Participating in these sessions unlocks creative talents while also building self-esteem.

4. Building your CV

It’s an age-old adage that first comes experience, then comes a job hire. As a new graduate, showing this experience is next to impossible. Internships are a great opportunity to enhance your resume, showing relevant experience and gaining skills along the way. In a pool full of talent, it is this experience that can separate you from other candidates. Perhaps more important than what is written on your resume is the acquisition of new abilities and industry knowledge, which will also bring an abundance of advantages.

Upon completion of Adcreators’ Internship Program, mentors will also prepare recommendation letters for interns, highlighting their abilities and work ethic, with an option to also be listed as a reference.

5. Making the right decision

The world is truly your oyster. Career options are endless, so how do you know you have made the right choice? Internship opportunities can give interns a taste of the industry, career and being in a professional setting, allowing you to deliberate if you have made the right choice. When you start, it can be a little overwhelming, but being persistent and seeing an internship through to completion can be the turning point for your career and determine if you have found your passion. It helps you to figure out what you do and don’t like, what skills you would like to harness, and what your calling may be.

At Adcreators, we do not fulfil the typical stereotype of sending interns on coffee runs and fixing copy machines. We like to educate and inspire through example, and over the course of our growth, we have guided many interns along their career path, and have hired a few along the way.

We are pleased to announce the commencement of our 2021 Program this March, and invite those interested to write to us at hello@adcreators.com.au.

Experiential learning awaits.

About the Author

Marina’s prominent role is overseeing the Agency’s key accounts, developing solutions that meet consumer needs while coordinating business personnel. Leading initiatives and fostering long-term relationships, her part behind the scenes and at the frontline is cross-functional, collaborative… and always a reason to strut in slingbacks.

Marina Semaan
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