Get The Inside Scoop From Our Digital Marketing Team: How To Build A Landing Page That Converts
Author: Christian El-Azzi

A landing page is one of your most important tools for converting visitors to your website into customers. The static page acts as a catalyst that prompts visitors to your website to take a journey that eventually culminates into a sale. As the primary goal of a business is to increase sales in order to boost profits, it’s clear that a landing page has a crucial part to play in the success of a business. With that being said, this leaves one question, “How do you build a landing page that converts?”

Landing pages that effectively convert are a science

Building a landing page that can impressively convert users into customers is not as easy as it may sound. The landing page has to be developed with the industry, target market and the service or product in mind. It’s not as simple as directing customers to the product or service that you want to promote. Customers need to be convinced, communicated with and persuaded. Target markets can be fickle, sceptical and hesitant – especially if being converted to a customer requires a significant investment.

Don’t expect 100% conversions

The goal of a landing page is always to get as many conversions as possible, however, you should never expect 100%. Rates of conversions vary across industries, with most companies only achieving 10%. If you want to aim for a percentage, aim for 10% or higher.

But how do you create an effective landing page that achieves a desirable conversion rate? As Adcreators has been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, our digital marketing team has developed trusted strategies and tips that have tipped the rates of conversions for our clients. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. Use a singular call to action (CTA)

    Overwhelming your page with multiple CTAs can divert users’ attention away from clicking the CTA. There’s no clear pathway to finding out more information, purchasing the product or any other action that you’d like the user to take. Having several CTAs on one page can confuse users and make your page appear too “sales-like”.

  2. Ensure your CTA is clear

    Don’t blend the CTA into your copy, ensure that it stands out so that people can immediately know where to click for the desired action. There are many ways that you can make your CTA stand out. Here are a few examples:

    • Use a contrasting colour
    • Utilise graphics to highlight the CTA
    • Incorporate action-oriented language into the CTA (e.g. Buy now, Find out more etc.)
  3. Make your title compelling

    The first step towards converting a visitor to your page is ensuring that they read the necessary content or visit that landing page. To do that, you must make your title compelling. Your title must be able to encourage the reader to click on the page or to read more. It must grab their attention, catch their eye and create some form of urgency so that the page is visited.

    Creating a compelling title will differ according to your industry and the tone that is most appropriate for your business. However, here are some compelling titles:

    • You’re running out of time! Here’s how to get the most out of this deal
    • Don’t miss out on the sale of a lifetime
    • We need to talk about your wardrobe. It needs our help!
  4. Don’t overwhelm the page with content

    While content is key to persuading users to become customers, it should not be overwhelming or filling up the page. When landing pages are littered with heavy text, users are turned off and many times, don’t bother reading it, causing your business to miss out on a crucial opportunity.

    Ensure that there is a balance among white space, graphics and your text. Keep the copy short and sweet and try utilising bullet points to communicate your key points. Bullet points allow users to pick out important pieces of information rather quickly and are more likely to be read if someone is scanning the page.

  5. Add a point of contact

    Some visitors will likely want to contact the business about their offer, the product/service or their company. Ensure that you make it clear what’s the best way of contacting you. This way, if anything is stopping them from being converted, it’s likely that you will catch it and be able to convert them. Think of it as a second chance point of conversion.

There are many more tips where these came from! Developing a landing page that is effective at converting takes a lot of strategising and thinking. Our digital marketing department is excellent at curating pages that convert effectively for several industries. Find out all our secrets and more, by contacting our team.

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