BMW & Robb Report

Joining forces with two names in luxury and prestige to better the online experience

BMW & Robb Report
Website Design

It was wonderful enough to have partnered with Robb Robert AU & NZ, but opportunity called again when we were approached by Robb Report UK and BMW to provide digital solutions. The microsite focuses on the luxury publication partnership with global automotive expert, BMW. Focusing on membership, readership and viewer interest, the end-user who is savvy, sophisticated and insightful was the inspiration in our approach.

A high-profile reader wants a high-profile platform – user friendly, relatable and appealing. With this mind, our Creative team invested in research and development based on target audience behaviour, insights and trends.

Having worked with the Robb Report brand, we understood their character, and following extensive R&D, worked to integrate it strategically with BMW.

BMW & Robb Report
BMW & Robb Report

The outcome was an interactive microsite that spoke of both collaborators’ commitment to excellence and understanding of their consumers. With objectives to drive magazine subscriptions, endorse membership opportunities and highlight their thought leadership authority, the UX, IA, design and animated effects work unanimously to complement pairing marketing strategies. In return, Robb Report UK x BMW have experienced increased site visitors, spikes in time spent on site and growing domain authority.


For an award-winning international magazine, the outcome was a representation of the luxury, eloquence and aristocracy that is Robb Report. The team, locally and globally, were in awe of the solution, changing the magazine’s landscape in Australia and New Zealand.

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