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Presenting our partner agency to the world, ‘cause together, we’re stronger.

Our Creation - Word Up Australia
Branding & Website Design

Content is king, Word Up, it’s queen. Truly we have heard the phrase, but it’s in delivery that strength lies, and it’s in the brand that value is upheld. We partnered with our now sister agency to form a new kind of a provider – the clever kind. We delivered assets – online and offline – for this standout brand.

We opted for a classic feel, a monochrome feel. Using this as the anchor point, our creative geniuses then worked in pairing secondary shades, a custom typeface and set of icons you see today.

Translating these for use across print, digital and social, we present to you Word Up.

Our Creation - Word Up Australia
Our Creation - Word Up Australia

and then came the website…
Just as the name suggests, Word Up is clever, witty and the unconventional type of Agency. Their new approach on content marketing sparked inspiration in showcasing a site that proved they are the who, what, where of distinct copywriting in true brand essence. The kicka** website tells the world who they are through creativity, customisation and aesthetics that were intentionally designed to charm and mesmerize.


The Result? One cool name, one awesome brand, one resonant message, and an identity that wow-ed. Standing out from the crowd, the Word Up brand is bold, beautiful and present.

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