4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Web Design Company in Sydney to Improve Your Image

Improving the image of your company can be difficult. There are several platforms from which your brand is visible, making it difficult to know where to start. A web design company is capable of not just improving your company’s profile but creating a refined and professional image for your brand. Web design companies target visible and heavily used areas of your company that customers often interact with, allowing your brand to more easily transform its image.

What does a web design company do?

To better understand the value of hiring a web design company, let’s first take a look at what they do. Contrary to popular belief, web design companies do not just design websites, though that forms a major part of their services. Here are the services offered by web design companies:

  • Custom web designs (this is different from developing websites with web templates)
  • SEO compliance
  • Webmaster services
  • Customised programming

There are many more services offered, however, they differ among agencies.

How does Adcreators approach its web design services?

At Adcreators, we understand how integral our web design services are to the overall image of a brand. The brand image of a company is largely dependent on what customers can touch, see and hear from a brand as well as how they feel when they are interacting with a brand. Sometimes, there is nothing for customers to interact with, while other times, customers become frustrated when their perception of the brand does not align with its products and services.

We know that this makes our web design services integral to the success of your company, so we keep the following in mind when working with our clients:

  • Creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business
  • Usability and responsive design
  • Customised strategies for bringing your plans for your business to fruition

We believe that this approach will not just help you transform the image of your business, but that it will also ensure long-term success and a competitive advantage in the market.

4 reasons why you should hire our web design company to improve your brand image

Improve the visual properties of your website

Your website should reflect your brand. Too often, we’ve come across websites that are not designed with brand colours, do not evoke a tone that is complementary to the brand or the industry and are not designed to target the actions that the company wants customers to make. Do you want to generate sales or leads? Do you want people to call or email you? We create a website that incorporates the physical image the brand wants to reflect as well as guides users to take the actions that you want them to.

Ensure that the right people see your website

Not every person is the right customer for you. Some people simply aren’t interested in the products or services that you offer. To avoid spending your budget marketing to those people, our team will ensure that your website is optimised to target people who are searching for what your website has to offer.

Create a memorable website

You can create a beautiful website, but it might not be memorable. Often, this happens when people use templates to design their website. Templates often all look the same and offer few options for you to customise your site according to your business and industry. While the website may work, it won’t inspire users, reflect your brand personality, or cause a user to remember your website.

Websites are one of the most powerful tools for businesses as it is often where transactions take place and leads are created. If your website does not encourage a user to click through it or discover more about your business, then it will not be effective.

Ensure long-term effectiveness of your site

A website is never done. It always needs to be updated, optimised to relevant search terms and more. Briefly, our work when it comes to webmaster services is never done. We want to ensure that your site works well throughout its lifetime, not just the month immediately after we build your website. Here are a few of the tasks involved in our webmaster services: ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly, generating and revising web pages, A/B testing, and examining traffic through the site.

Think you need web design services for your business?

We hope we’ve convinced you of the value of our web design services. If you’d like more information on our web design services or any other forms of marketing that we offer, then have a chat with Ava, our friendly assistant. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 670 998.

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